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Ecological Food & Farming Systems Graduate Specialization


Julie advises for the SAFS and EFFS programs, provides program and course coordination assistance, maintains websites and program materials, and instructs CSS 124, 224, and 424.

Contact Person


Julie Cotton

Phone: (517) 353-0156


Julie has been an Academic Specialist at Michigan State for ten years. She coordinates, advises, and instructs for the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Minor, and advises for the Ecological Food & Farming Graduate Specialization.

Location and Directions

Plant & Soil Sciences Building, Room A264
1066 Bogue St.
East Lansing, Michigan 48824

MSU Plant & Soil Science Building, located at 1066 Bogue St., Room A264 on the Michigan State University Campus. There are a few meter spaces available on the east side of the building, and more metered spaces at Parking Ramp 5, located at Red Cedar and Trowbridge Road.